An Eternal Impact

The Church of Maumelle is a 501c3 organization with fiscal oversight appropriate for a non-profit corporation. Donors who provide their name and contact information will receive a summary of their giving at least once a year.

The ministries of Church of Maumelle are focused on promoting the truth of Jesus Christ. In Maumelle and beyond CoM’s ministries have a lasting eternal impact. From supporting missionaries hundreds of miles away to feeding children and families right here in our community, Church of Maumelle makes an impact through financial giving.
This is a generous congregation!

Ways to Give

To give to Church of Maumelle text GENERAL to 501-734-8020 and open the link that will appear as a text message, in order to make a donation to the General fund.

If your preference is to support a specific mission or giving program, select the fund from the designation drop-down menu. The general fund is the default for online donations.