Next Steps

Welcome to Church of Maumelle

Attending church is merely the beginning of getting involved in Church of Maumelle and connecting with the amazing God we worship and serve. The information below describes what someone might discover after the first Sunday’s visit.

Before diving into those steps there is a key truth to understand. The single most important “step” a person can take in the Church of Maumelle is not really a step at all, but a decision- namely, the decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

God Loves You!

God loves each person as if they were his “only child,” the only person who ever lived. All of humanity finds itself wrapped up in wrong choices and wrong priorities. We tend to sin! God sent Jesus to free us from the power of sin and death. His death on the cross unleashed God’s grace, giving all who believe in Jesus access to forgiveness and strength to begin to conquer the temptations that wreck our lives. Accepting Jesus as our Savior is the only path out of our sin mess and also the only way to go to Heaven when we die.

We accept Jesus as Lord and Savior by admitting to God in prayer that we are sinners, and asking for Jesus’ grace to forgive us of sin, and inviting Jesus to be our Savior and Lord.

The steps below are designed to help expose worship guests to the Good News about Jesus and the forgiveness and grace he brings. Pastor Aubrietta is eager to talk with anyone about accepting Jesus’ grace. If you would like to talk about anything related to accepting Christ please contact her at any time here to set up a time to have this vital conversation.

Receive Church Communications

Worship guests who share their email address and cellphone number will receive a welcoming text, weekly email updates about the church, and they are added to the Monday morning prayer focus texting list. For those who would like to share contact information to receive these communications, click here.

Find a Group

Group connection is an essential part of experiencing the love of the church.  Follow-up efforts are designed to help connect people to church groups.  Returning guests receive a phone call invitation to classes and activities from the pastor or church leaders. 
The weekly email offers sign up links for Bible studies and volunteer opportunities.  Sunday School classes are designed for “walk-ins” and no pre-sign up is needed. For more information about Sunday School Click here

Attend Church Basics Class

As worship guests become ready to learn more about the church, they may choose to attend Church Basics class. This informative and enjoyable gathering is helpful to people who are wanting to dig deeper into church life.  Attendance in Church Basics is also a requirement for church membership. 
Church Basics meets the first and Second Sunday of the month during the 11:00 Sunday School hour. In this two-week class participants get to meet others at the church and become acquainted with the pastor.  Church mission, vision, values and beliefs are reviewed in this two week gathering.   
Occasionally someone struggles to attend the class two weeks in a row.  The pastor is happy to help someone catch up on a missed session in a one-on-one meeting. 

Join the Church

All who join the Church of Maumelle affirm their faith in Jesus Christ using the same membership vows click here. For people who have not been baptized the pastor will baptize them as a part of joining the church. Baptism is accomplished by sprinkling water on the person’s head or by offering a full water immersion in a pool. If someone has been baptized in a previous Christian denomination, that baptism experience is accepted.