Who We Are

We are a Wesleyan-heritage Christian community centered on the grace and truth that come only through Jesus Christ.

We believe anyone can be made new through God’s love.

Originally, a group of Christians from another area congregation came together to start the Church of Maumelle. The church has grown to include people of many denominations and non-denominational congregations. Some who are active in the Church of Maumelle today have not often attended worship in the past. Most live in Maumelle but there are also church members who drive from other communities in central Arkansas. All come with a hunger for more- more God, more community, more joy and guidance for daily living. Connecting with Jesus is changing the lives of the people in our church and in our community. Today the Church of Maumelle welcomes all to come and experience freedom in Jesus Christ through this faith community.

Grace, Truth, and Community are words associated with the Church of Maumelle.
These three words summarize what matters most to the congregation.


Grace is both the unmerited favor and love of God and the kindness people show one another. The people of Church of Maumelle offer love and acceptance to all people. Members and staff do this by including all in the church, praying for and with all, and seeking to apply God’s truth to our lives together. Offering mercy to our neighbors in the form of hands-on service and charitable giving are a response to God’s grace. We serve because of God’s great love for each and every person. No one in the church is perfect, but we worship a perfect God, and we hope to mirror his love and forgiveness to each person.


Our church began out of a conviction that God’s truth really is THE truth. This is a break with modern day culture, which promotes the notion that truth is relative. Individual conflicting human perspectives cannot be equally true. No one in this church is perfect, and all strive to have an attitude of humility, love and service while sharing devotion to God’s truth as found in scripture. The Bible is where we find God’s truth for the world. It is from scripture that we understand how to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is how we learn his guidance for our ethics at work and at home. The BIble is how we understand how to use our time, our finances, our work, our family and community relationships, our sexuality, and our talents for God’s glory and our good.


Grace and truth are not found only by reading a pamphlet or watching a video. These experiences aid in understanding grace and truth. But Christian friendships are the best way to experience God’s grace and learn to apply God’s truth to our lives. Potlucks and fellowship events are offered periodically to enhance connections among believers. Weekly communion is also an expression of our communal life.

In groups within the church it is possible to see how to live out of faith. Gifts and talents are shared in groups. Being connected to the church community through groups is the best way to benefit from participation in the Church of Maumelle.