What We Believe


The Church of Maumelle is a wesleyan-heritage Christian community, centered on the grace and truth that comes only through Jesus Christ.


The Church of Maumelle exists to grow deeply committed Christ followers who live out the grace and truth of Jesus in the world.


The Church of Maumelle fulfills its mission by inviting people into a community of prayer, worship, Bible study, Christian service, and witness.

Biblical Authority

The Bible is our absolute authority for faith and practice. Additional historic summaries of our beliefs can be found in the Nicene Creed, the Apostles Creed, and The Articles of Religion. Church of Maumelle’s Teachings on Christian Living offers Biblical views on specific issues facing believers today. The Membership Vows of the Church of Maumelle highlight what we commit to as people of faith entering church membership.

Grace, Truth, and Community are reflected in our Values

Church of Maumelle Values

Intentional Study of the Bible

The Bible is our authority in all things and the lens through which we see the world. We study each verse in context of the entirety of scripture and strive to apply the teachings to our lives.

Salvation and Transformation

Accepting the saving grace of Jesus Christ is the only means to overcome the divide sin creates between us and God so we can live for him now and experience the blessings of Heaven. This grace transforms believers, growing them in patience, wisdom and love. We welcome God’s grace into our lives through worship, study of scripture, holy communion, prayer, Christian service and Christian friendships.

Group Ministries

People are wired to be in community. It was Jesus’ dream for his followers to experience his grace together. Church of Maumelle has groups centered on service, study, and fellowship that help people connect with God by connecting with one another.

Making a difference

People are happier and more fulfilled when they find God’s purpose for their lives. Church of Maumelle helps people find their place in God’s plan through group ministries and service to the world.