The pre-teen and teen years are an important time for learning God’s will for a person’s life. Youth activities provide a place to grow through study, fellowship and service.

Youth Sunday School encompasses grades 6-12 and meets Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. immediately following worship service. The “Orange” curriculum for youth is designed to address spiritual needs that come up during adolescence. Liz Brown, an experienced youth Bible study teacher, gives the youth a safe space to talk openly about their faith and daily life. In this class youth learn about who they can become in Jesus Christ.

Bible Study

The youth read Bible passages in their class and learn how to apply the Bible to daily life. Youth classes address things like how to be saved, finding God’s calling, and Jesus’ Lordship over finances, free time, friendships, and sexuality. Occasionally the youth will be separated into two groups for especially sensitive conversations to allow for this formation to happen in a safe space.


Fellowship is an important part of youth life. The youth engage in youth-only fellowship activities twice a month on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30. Upcoming dates and locations of these activities can be found in our weekly email newsletter click here.

Examples of these twice weekly activities include watching Christian movies, playing outdoor or indoor games, bonfires, food drives, and swimming. Many of these events are free but some require a small fee.

Occasionally the youth fellowship time will include a service event such as a food drive for Hope Ministry Alliance food pantry, or other service activities.
In addition to regular youth activities the youth are treated to a youth and children fun outing once a month adds even more fun! These activities are paid for by the church and include visits to the Skatium, or bowling, or special seasonal events.


Youth serve in worship by acolyting, ushering, and greeting. Sometimes youth have shared musical gifts and offered the Children’s Sermon. Teens learn how to be participatory church members through serving in worship. 
In the summer, youth have the opportunity to attend Ozark Mission Project.  This is a weeklong service opportunity where youths do significant home repair for impoverished Arkansans. Through OMP,  youth build code compliant wheelchair ramps, they rebuild porches, paint houses, and do lawncare for people who are in violation of code enforcement. Sign up for this ministry occurs in the late fall for the following summer. 
For more information on the Youth program email or text 501-734-8020